May 08 2015

Why Should You Have Your Female Cat/Dog Spayed?

Making the decision to have your female dog or cat spayed isn’t easy for everyone. For some it means giving up on the dreams of having litters of kittens or puppies, others feel guilty for putting their pet through the procedure, and depending on your finances it can be expensive. But the pros well outweigh the cons. Here is our list of top 6 reasons to have your female dog or cat spayed.

  • Help Control Pet Overpopulation: Every year an estimated 6-8 million dogs and cats enter shelters across America; sadly, about 3.4 million of them are euthanized because there simply isn’t enough space or resources. By having your dog or cat spayed you can avoid adding to the number of unwanted animals, and give the animals that are already waiting in shelters a better chance of finding their forever home.
  • Reduce/Eliminate the Risk of Certain Cancers: Spaying your pet eliminates the risk for uterine and ovarian cancer as well as significantly reduces the risk of mammary (breast) cancer. Dogs that are spayed before their first “heat” cycle have a less than 0.5% chance of developing breast cancer later in life. Some of these cancers are aggressive and can potentially be life-threatening, not to mention expensive and time consuming to treat.
  • Eliminate the Risk of Uterine Infection (Pyometra): Pyometra is a serious uterine infection that can happen with little warning and for no definite reason. Pyometra is fatal if untreated, and the only 100% successful treatment is an emergency spay.
  • Eliminate the Hazards that Accompany Delivery: Unfortunately, having puppies or kittens isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There can be a myriad of pregnancy or delivery risks for the mother, and some aren’t interested or good at mothering their offspring; leaving the full time care of the little ones up to you. Breeding can also be more costly than expected, if the mother has problems delivering, a cesarean section can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • No More Annoying Heat Cycle: Having a female dog or cat in heat (actively seeking a mate) in your home isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Many pets vocalize more, leave stains on your furniture or carpets, and attract unwanted male suitors to your property.
  • Reduce Your Pet’s Want to Run Away: Pets that haven’t been “fixed” are more likely to roam or run away because their hormones and instincts tell them they need to find a mate. This reduces the risk of them becoming injured in a fight, hit by a car, stolen, or not being found and ending up in a shelter.

This procedure is a one-time investment in the health of your pet that could potentially save you a great deal of money in the future. There are many myths and misconceptions pertaining to having a female dog spayed (or male dog neutered for that matter) and they are just that, myths!

Your Pet Won’t Automatically Get Fat: Many owners don’t get their pets spayed because they have heard it will cause them to get fat. Having reproductive organs does cause a pet to burn more calories compared to a pet that has been spayed. However, if after being spayed the pet continues to receive adequate exercise, eat a high quality balanced diet, and not be overfed, there is no reason why a spayed animal can’t maintain a healthy weight.

Your Pet Won’t Be Mad at Your or Miss Her “Parts”: Contrary to what some owners believe, animals do not hold grudges against their owners for having them spayed, nor will female dogs and cats feel as though they’ve missed out on being mothers. Pets are very happy to be your “babies” and not have any of their own.

For more information on spaying your female pets, feel free to contact Green Hills Veterinary Clinic for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

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