Nutritional Counseling

Whether your pet is a young puppy or kitten, an active adult, or a senior entering his golden years, good nutrition is the foundation for long-term pet wellness. Thanks to the wide variety of commercial pet foods available in today’s pet superstores, however, the veterinarians at Green Hills Veterinary Clinic understand that choosing the right pet food can be difficult. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the different claims on food labels and not know whether these claims are accurate or can be trusted. That’s why our clinic offers pet nutrition counseling and is happy to make food recommendations for your pet’s specific health needs.

Green Hills Veterinary Clinic Provides Nutrition Counseling & Pet Wellness Care

When selecting food for your pet, keep in mind that the health claims on food labels are not always accurate. In fact, 99% of the information on a bag of pet food is advertising. Additionally, many pet food stores will encourage pet owners to feed their pets the diet where they receive the greatest sales profit – or a well-meaning but unqualified store owner may give a nutrition recommendation without fully understanding a pet’s specific health needs. Another popular dietary trend is to feed pets raw food. Our veterinarians caution pet owners against trying these diets as the risks of raw foods far outweigh the benefits – which include the possibility of pets shedding salmonella or E. Coli in their feces.

Green Hills Veterinary Clinic recommends all pet owners bring a healthy skepticism to their pet’s dietary selections. Check to see who formulates the pet food and what credentials this company holds. Does the company have a veterinary nutritionist or equivalent on staff at the company? Is this nutritionist available for consultation or questions? Remember, a human nutritionist is not qualified to design animal diets – just as a pet nutritionist would not be qualified to design human diets.

Dr. Miller, Dr. Baughman, Dr. March, and Dr. Dennis also recommend finding out if the company’s pet food is tested using AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) feeding trials and subjected to a nutritional analysis. We also recommend researching the control methods used by the company to ensure consistency and high quality. Finally, it is worth checking to see if the foods are manufactured in the United States. Recently, food and treats manufactured in China have been linked to several food contamination scandals.

If your pet has special dietary needs due to food allergies, Green Hills Veterinary Clinic offers nutrition and pet wellness consultation services. We can help you identify the offending food and formulate a diet that supports your pet’s overall health. These specialty foods are available at our clinic.